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John 3:16 Three Core Values of Grace Nation | GOF93

What is Grace Nation all about? The answer is simple, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But not everyone agrees on how to understand the Gospel concerning LGBTQ+/SSA People. To explain, Dr. Jonathan discusses how John 3:16 informs Grace Nation’s values of compassion, justice, and love.

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John 3:16 Three Core Values of Grace Nation | GOF93

by Dr. Jonathan G. Smith | Season 3

This Episode’s Topic: A New Vision For Grace on fire

To better understand why this topic matters, we must remember that core values drive every person, business, or ministry. So when we’re clear on what drives a person, then we can make better sense of their actions, attitudes, and choices in life. 

take aways from todays episode

Part 1 | Cultivating Community During The Holiday Season. Dr. Jonathan describes why the holidays were hard for him and the steps he takes to address the challenges of the holiday season.

When approaching the holidays, he explains, it’s important to remember that for many people they are not always pleasant. Marketeers position the holidays as times of fun, laughter, and joy surrounded by people you love. But Gay People very often spend the holidays merely surviving them. The painful memories of relationships lost can deter them from any meaningful celebration. The key to remember is the Gospel draws us into a community.

Book Tip Real Identity by Thaddeus Barnum. This devotion is a helpful tool for exploring identity issues by looking at the drama of Genesis. This book is not about sexual identity but human identity. So it is a work useful for anyone, whether gay or straight. You can find a link to the book through

Part 2 | Three Core Values of Grace Nation. What is Grace Nation about? What drives Dr. Jonathan G. Smith? He answers that three values serve as foundational pillars for the ministry – Compassion, Justice, and Love. He argues that these three values are all expressed in John 3:16.

Quotes from John 3:16 are taken from the Christian Standard Bible.


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About The Author

Jonathan G. Smith

The Rev'd Dr. Jonathan G. Smith is the Senior Minister of Redeemer Church in Orlando, Founder of Grace Nation, and owner of Higher Purpose Coaching. His passion is to see people transformed by the Gospel, the liberating power of Jesus Christ.


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