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What John 316 Teaches Us About Loving LGBT People | GOF84

John 316 declares that God moved by His love for people, sent His Son Jesus to this world to become the visible and tangible embodiment of Him. The most surprising truth of this verse is the observation that God moved first. So how does this apply to our ability to minister to LGBT people?

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What John 316 Teaches Us About Loving LGBT People | GOF84

by Dr. Jonathan G. Smith | Season 2

This Episode’s Topic: Applying John 316 to Human Sexuality

Show Segments

Theology On The Street |Ashley Null’s Teaching on John 316

Begins at 6:36

 Ashley Null argues that the heartbeat of Thomas Cranmer and the early English Reformers is summed up by this phrase: The Glory of God is to love the unworthy.” (Ashley Null, Divine Allurement, p. 8).

Smitty’s Tip of the Week | The Power of Listening.

Begins at 17:22

What is the most powerful way to minister to someone else? Just being willing to listen. Sometimes we are slow to listen and quick to respond.  However, when a minister or person takes time to listen, then the person speaking feels understood.  The powerful tool we have in ministry is our ears.

Feature Presentation | A Framework for Thinking About Our Conversations with an LGBT Person

Begins at 19:13

Tri-Perspectivalism is a theory of epistemology (the study of knowing) developed by John Frame. Knowledge can be broken down into three “perspectives” that inform one another.  They are the normative, situational, and existential perspectives.

Each of these perspectives corresponds with and inform the other.

The Normative perspective is our norms, values, and facts of what we “believe” to be true. For example, the sun is hot.

The Situational perspective is our interpersonal relationships to the external world and other people.  We find ourselves in each situation.

The Existential perspective is our intrapersonal relationship, the internal world of the self.

KEYPOINT: Most our disagreements and arguments are a result of arguing between the Normative and Situational perspectives.

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