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LGBT and Christian – Why The Gospel Matters More Than Ever | GOF83

When it comes to Gay and Christian debates, we need to return to the Gospel. Parents, teenagers, and young people are looking for hope and help from churches. But sadly, there is still much confusion and disagreement over where to start. We need to remember that the Gospel applies equally to all human beings. If the Gospel is true for Evangelicals, then it must be true for LGBT+ persons.

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GOF83 | LGBT and Christian - Why The Gospel Matters More Than Ever

by Dr. Jonathan G. Smith | Season 2

This Episode’s Topic: Gay and Christian

To better understand why this issue matters, we need to realize that debates over sexuality ultimately affect the Gospel and how it applies to everyday life.

Show Segments

Theology On The Street | The Link Between Ethics and Theology

In this segment, I discuss the biblical idea of the connection between ethics and knowledge. In the Bible, to know something is to be ethically obligated. The quote by John Frame is from his seminal work, The Doctrine of the Christian Life.

Smitty’s Tip of the Week | Read The Bible To Learn About Humanity

One benefit from reading the bible with a guided reading plan is the picture of humanity that emerges. Rather than learning about “church issues,” you discover the broken story of humanity and God’s desire to reconcile human beings to Himself.

Feature Presentation | Gay and Christian — Why The Gospel Matters

Gay Christians are some of the bravest people I know.

Evangelicals need to understand that sexual intercourse is not the only concern for LGBT people. Like us, there desire for romance, emotional intimacy, connection, desirability, and belonging are all interconnected to their physical attractions. So when we recognize that their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are genuine, then we can show compassion to the challenges they face. The Gospel applies uniquely to every person. The quote read from Oliver O’Donovan was found in Church in Crisis, 102-103.

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Jonathan G. Smith

The Rev'd Dr. Jonathan G. Smith is the Senior Minister of Redeemer Church in Orlando, Founder of Grace Nation, and owner of Higher Purpose Coaching. His passion is to see people transformed by the Gospel, the liberating power of Jesus Christ.


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