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Crafting Your Personal Finances To Maximize Generosity with Matthew Wright | GOF54

Crafting Your Personal Finances To Maximize Generosity with Matthew Wright | GOF54

Most of the time, we are concerned about saving for retirement. But what if we turned this on its head and instead focused on generosity? In today’s episode, I talk with financial advisor Matthew Wright of McKinnon Wealth Management on practical steps you can take to maximize generosity.

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This Episode’s Topic:

To better understand why this issue matters, every day we make financial decisions. The question is whether we are doing it well or doing poorly?

Show Segments

Dad Life — Home School, Public School, or Private School?

Matthew Wright is a husband and dad of three girls. He and his wife Amy have experienced homeschool, public school, and private school. He offers some good wisdom on how to answer this question, “How should we educate our children?”

Recommended Resources:

Theology On The Street — Four Key Ideas

#1 God owns it all – Col. 1:16
#2 Wealth should be used for God’s purposes. – Luke 12:42–43
#3 Wealth can cause harm or do good things –  Proverbs 30
#4 We can’t take it with us, so focus on eternal things –  Luke 12: 13–21

Feature Presentation — Crafting of Life of Generosity

Crafting a life of generosity first requires taking an inventory of how you are currently spending your resources. Matthew provides several helpful suggestions on how to analyze your spending and then offers suggestions.

Download Matthew’s Budget Worksheet

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