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Three Factors That Shape Sexual Identity in Gay Kids | GOF42

Three Factors That Shape Sexual Identity in Gay Kids | GOF42

Sexual Identity doesn’t just automatically happen. There is a process involved, and everybody experiences it. But the majority of us just do not understand the subtle forces that shape the way we think about sexuality. With the rise of “Gay Consciousness,” however, research has quietly sought to figure out what’s happening inside a person. This episode will help you see the complexity facing kids and offer some helpful ways to bring hope.

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This Episode’s Topic: Sexual Identity Development

Starts At: 25:39

To better understand why this issue matters, the top risk to gay teens is suicide. There are reasons. Sexual identity development has many factors contributing to the outcome. Some of them are social, religious, and biological expectations. When these are out of congruence, severe stress and depression along with exhaustion usually occur. At times, suicide is a higher risk.

Key Ideas in this Episode:

Show Segments

Dad Life: Making Your Kids The Top Priority

Starts At: 07:54

Dads, when you fail to show up to an important event at your child’s school, you are making a huge mistake. I know, I’ve done it plenty of times. Reprioritize your schedule and place your kids at the top.

Theology on the Street: Realigning With God

Starts At: 12:04

What does the word Repent mean? In this segment, we redefine the word “repent” to “realign.” Then we consider the implications of that word. For more information on the word “realign” in Matthew 4:17, see Dr. Brian Russell’s book “Realign with God.”

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The best part about podcasting is joining in a conversation with you. To help kick off a discussion here is a question to consider:
Did you ever consider that human sexuality could be as complicated as explained in this episode?

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