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Finding Confidence In Your Life Story | GOF34

Finding Confidence In Your Life Story | GOF34

How do you build up enough confidence to share your story? Your answer will greatly depend on how you view yourself. Our view of ourselves has a profound impact on our work and our relationships. If that’s true, then how do find confidence in our story and even more be courageous enough to share with some one else?

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This Episode’s Topic: Five Ways To Boost Your Confidence

To better understand why this topic matters, Jonathan gives five ways to help bolster your confidence in yourself. The goal? To help you better craft your life for a higher purpose. Here are the suggestions:

  1. Accept your story as it unfolds
  2. Realize that you are not alone
  3. Don’t worry about being right or wrong
  4. Move from authority to influence
  5. Embrace the risk to share your story with others

Show Segments

Theology On The Street: Embracing God’s View of You

Your mirror will lie to you. Sight is the most distrusted of all the sense. So instead of viewing yourself through your own lens, look at your life from God’s perspective.

Smitty’s Tip of the Week: Don’t Get Locked In

I review Runtastic jogging app. This app is superb for freestyle runs, walking, or biking. It integrates with Apple music allowing you to listen to your music while you run.

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About The Author

Jonathan G. Smith

The Rev'd Dr. Jonathan G. Smith is the Senior Minister of Redeemer Church in Orlando, Founder of Grace Nation, and owner of Higher Purpose Coaching. His passion is to see people transformed by the Gospel, the liberating power of Jesus Christ.

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