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FITC45 | Betrayed, Showing Kindness To Judas – John 13:1-20

FITC45 | Betrayed, Showing Kindness To Judas – John 13:1-20

Have you felt betrayed by someone? I have, and the feelings that go along with it are awful. Betrayal is the worst experience in human relationships. When a spouse cheats on their husband or wife, the pain can almost have a numbing effect. When a business colleague steals from their partner, it can sabotage the entire business, ruining any opportunity for future collaboration. Even worse, betrayal can destroy alliances and whole societies.

There is a reason why we hate deception. So what was it like for Jesus to wash the feet of Judas right before he was about to betray him? In this episode, we look at that night when Jesus washed the feet of his disciple Judas.

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Sermon Topic: Betrayed by Judas

Original Sermon Date: April 13, 2017

Current Sermon Series: Holy Week, Maundy Thursday

Sermon Text: John 13:1–17

Key Notes to Remember

Jesus modeled and commanded a high standard for discipleship. We are to serve others, even those who betray us. This is an impossible standard for us without the work of the Holy Spirit enabling us to love those who have hurt us.

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