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FITC33 | Justification, Works, and Genuine Saving Faith – James 2:14-26

FITC33 | Justification, Works, and Genuine Saving Faith – James 2:14-26

What kind of faith saves you from God’s judgment? Protestant Christianity has staked its reputation on grace alone through faith alone.  But does saving faith mean that all we need to do is merely believe?  Or is there a connection between saving faith and the things we do? In this episode, we continue to look at James and examine his understanding of justification by faith and works.  In this message, Pastor Jonathan looks at the challenging passage in James 2:14-26 asking what kind of faith really matters to God?

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Sermon Topic: Saving Faith

Original Sermon Date: November 27, 2016

Current Sermon Series: The Integrated Life — Crafting Spiritual Wholeness

Sermon Text: James 2:14-26

Key Notes to Remember

  1. Saving Faith should directly impact the way we treat others around us.
  2. Evangelicals believe salvation is by grace through faith alone. However, this belief does not mean individuals are allowed to do whatever they wish. Real, life-saving faith is measured by what we say and do with our lives.
  3. True, life-saving faith has a progressive and noticeable impact on our overall lives.
  4. Living an integrated life requires that our faith, what we believe, and our behavior, what we say and do, are aligned with one another.

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Jonathan G. Smith

The Rev'd Dr. Jonathan G. Smith is the Senior Minister of Redeemer Church in Orlando, Founder of Grace Nation, and owner of Higher Purpose Coaching. His passion is to see people transformed by the Gospel, the liberating power of Jesus Christ.

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