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How To Read the Bible to Change Your Life | GOF68

If you were to pick up and read the Bible, would it change your life? Perhaps one of the most studied and criticized books in the world, the Bible continues to be the most popular book in the world. But many believers who claim the biblical faith. That’s because most folks do not know how to read it. Many who read the Bible are changed by its message of hope, purpose, and transformation. In this episode, my guest host Dr. Brian Russell is back, and we ask this question. How should a person read the Bible?

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GOF68 | How To Read the Bible and Change Your Life

by Dr. Jonathan G. Smith with Dr. Brian Russell | Season 2

This Episode’s Topic: Read The Bible For Life Change

To better understand why this issue matters, consider for a moment why read any book, much less the bible? If we put entertainment aside, usually our reason to read a book is to learn something new to help us grow, change, and become better people.

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Tip of the Week | Six People You Should Listen Too and Do What They Say

So you want to change yourself, but don’t know who to trust? Here are our six experts in the area of personal development that you can trust.

Jim Rohn – Personal Development. Well-known 20th-century author and speaker in the field of personal development. Rohn was one of the pioneers in personal development.

Zig Ziglar – Business and Professional Development. My favorite Salesman in the world, Zig mixes incredible wit and humor designed to help business professionals exceed in tight markets.

Denis Waitley – Personal and Professional Development. A little lesser known person today. Waitley is best known for his work “The Psychology of Winning.” Waitley researched prisoners of war who survived to discover how they were able to cope with extreme situations. His insights have been applied to sports, business, and life.

Dave Ramsey – Personal Finance. Ramsey is well-known today. But his story is like many. He went broke and then tried to figure out why.

John Maxwell – Leadership. Maxwell is best known for leadership. But he also includes other insights. Read anything by John Maxwell.

Michael Hyatt – Leadership, Productivity, and Publishing. Hyatt was not my first guru that I ever listened too, but he was the first voice I heard after my life crashed. Grace Nation is in part due to his voice, vis-a-vis his podcast, in my ear. I highly recommend Michael Hyatt.

Feature Presentation | How To Read The Bible and Change Your Life

What kind of person do you want to become? That question can be answered in part by reading the Bible. To help us understand how to read the Bible, we ask this question: What kind of person is the Bible calling me to be? While it seems simple, the insights from this question will yield much fruit in your life.

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The Rev'd Dr. Jonathan G. Smith is the Senior Minister of Redeemer Church in Orlando, Founder of Grace Nation, and owner of Higher Purpose Coaching. His passion is to see people transformed by the Gospel, the liberating power of Jesus Christ.


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