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NFL Anthem Protest – How Should Evangelicals Respond? | GOF67

NFL Anthem Protest – How Should Evangelicals Respond? | GOF67

The NFL anthem protests have hit a nerve with a lot of people revealing the deep social divide among Americans. The mix of politics, sports, and freedom of speech makes it equally difficult to know what to think, how to feel, and more importantly how to respond. Regardless of where you might land on the issue, one thing is clear. The conflict between the right to say something and the risk of offending someone is impossible to resolve. That’s why it’s important to move beyond our emotions and ask “what is the deeper issue involved and how should I respond?” Also on tap, I continue to share my enthusiasm for Reformational Anglicanism and it’s unique contribution to the Evangelical world. Plus, I’m sharing my review of the church texting service, Flocknote.

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GOF67 | NFL Anthem Protest: How Should Evangelicals Respond?

by Dr. Jonathan G. Smith | Season 2

This Episode’s Topic: NFL Anthem Protest and the Right To Share the Gospel

To better understand why this issue matters, consider for a moment the deeper issue of protecting the right to freedom of speech. What kind of freedom are you willing to trade to ensure certain social customs?

Show Segments

Theology On The Street – How An Anglican Evangelical Defines the Word Reformed

Starts at 6:20

Are Evangelical Anglicans Reformed? A brief glimpse at the 16th Century Reformation reveals that it was neither unilateral nor localized. Depending on the geography or country where it occurred, the outcomes were slightly different. The English Reformation stands uniquely apart from the rest, where a unique Evangelical theology emerged.

Smitty’s Tip of the Week – Church Texting Service Review | Flocknote App

How Flocknote improved communication in my church in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma

Starts at 24:56

If you are interested in adding an additional communication tool to your church or ministry, then look no further than Flocknote. After losing access to email during the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, I needed an alternative way to send messages to my congregation. I turned to the Flocknote App. I arrived at my decision based upon price (free up to 40 users) and ease of use. For a small church plant, Flocknote has been a game changer in communication. It features both email and texting services. You can create different groups, send and receive messages, and control everything in one app.

Check out Flocknote App

Feature Presentation – NFL Anthem Protest and the Gospel

Starts at 31:01

The NFL national anthem protest has sparked another debate revealing the deep schism that exists in the United States. For Evangelicals who love both America and Football, it’s easy to get caught up in the social media rhetoric. But there is a deeper issue at stake — defending the right to freedom of speech. Even though we may not agree with the decision to kneel, the need to protect the freedom must be kept in mind. Why? We must insist on protecting freedom of speech to continue preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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