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What Does It Mean To Be Adopted By God? | FITC52

What Does It Mean To Be Adopted By God? | FITC52

God chose us to be in His family. Does the Bible really teach that? We explore this question in more in this message from Romans Chapter 8. Throughout the New Testament writings of the Apostle Paul, you can find Paul referring to the relationship between us and God through the image of adoption. That is, God intentionally choosing us to be a part of His family. That means that all of the rights and privileges of God’s house are “conferred” to us, including the right to call him our Abba Daddy. Find out why this doctrine is vital to understanding our freedom in God.

What Does it Mean To Be Adopted By God

by Dr. Jonathan G. Smith | Faith In The City

Sermon Topic: Our Privileges in God’s House

Original Sermon Date: July 23, 2017

Current Sermon Series: Chapter 8 Christians

Sermon Text:

Key Notes to Remember

Our adoption has significant implications in our lives. Here are three ways it can be applied:

How we relate to God Understand that God the Father chose you to be His son or daughter. That choice is not based on who you are supposed to be, but who you are today.

How we relate to ourselves If God can accept me just the way I am, then why can’t I?

How we relate to each other As a member of God’s family, we also represent God to the rest of the world — therefore, he puts a claim on us.
But consider it another, that we as God adopts us that we all become brothers and sisters under God.

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