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How Being Ridiculously Honest With Yourself Leads to A Better Life | GOF73

Are you being honest with yourself? This question goes to the heart of most our problems in life.  We are not honest because we’re afraid of the consequences of our honesty. So we lie. Not a lot but a little.  We self-rationalize, compromise, and trade off the things we want most in life for safety, security, and predictability.  Unfortunately, when we do this? A little piece of our heart grows cold. The only solution is to do something no one else can do for you. Be ridiculously honest.  Two forms of honesty are needed — positive and negative. So ask yourself this question, “Are you being completely honest with yourself?”

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GOF73 | How Being Ridiculously Honest With Yourself Leads to A Better Life

by Dr. Jonathan G. Smith | Season 2

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Theology On The Street — You Are What You Worship

People act in accordance with they believe they fundamentally are. The Bible teaches people behave in accordance with what they fundamentally worship.

Psalm 115 and 135 contain this phrase. “Those who make them become like them; so do all who trust in them.” The key principle is the link between our focus and its impact on life. Those things we are devoted to in this life define who we are and how to live. That was true in the ancient near east and is true today. Worship isn’t just singing songs or reading scripture but is also an investment of our time, talents, and gifts. Where we make investments in life is a form of worship. So ask yourself today, “what is the object of your worship?”

Feature Presentation – Being Ridiculously Honest With Yourself

Everyone wants a better life. We want a life of purpose, fulfillment, and achievement. But not everyone achieves these aspirations in life. Why not? Very often our self-imposed limitations are the result of not being honest with ourselves. We compromise and rationalize poor choices. We internalize false views. And then we build our lives on broken foundations. Consequently, we move forward in life until we hit a wall.

So how do you start being honest? There are two important ways. I call them — positive honesty and negative honesty. Positive Honesty – Ask yourself, “What do you want in life?” This is future-oriented. Negative Honesty – What have you told yourself that isn’t true? This is past-oriented.

Both are needed to develop a well-rounded perspective of your honesty.

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Jonathan G. Smith

The Rev'd Dr. Jonathan G. Smith is the Senior Minister of Redeemer Church in Orlando, Founder of Grace Nation, and owner of Higher Purpose Coaching. His passion is to see people transformed by the Gospel, the liberating power of Jesus Christ.


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