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Coaching, Care, and Prayer

For Parents of Gay Kids


Parents of LGBTQ+ Kids and Teens

We live in an unprecedented time.  Pressures on our children to question their sexuality begins earlier and earlier.  Media exposure coupled with smartphones, tablets, and laptops gives children who may question their sexual identity access to information and communities that may not be God’s best.  

So how do we respond?  We must learn to love our children through the complexities of adolescents and young adulthood.  Depending on the challenges, having a voice to help you navigate these waters is essential to loving well.

In the past, the church has responded by socially ostracizing LGBTQ+ kids. Today, that is changing.  But without the right kind of support, navigating the complexities of sexual identity development and gender orientation can be confusing.

I will help you develop a network of support and safety as you learn to strengthen your family through God’s grace. Support structures are vital to developing healthy and sustained relationships with loved ones.

If you are feeling frustration, confusion or even anger, then I encourage you to reach out today. Read below to find out how.


I believe that every church committed to the Gospel should be a place of compassion, justice, and love. But knowing how to cultivate this culture in your church can be challenging.  The demands of ministry can leave pastors feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.  Grace Nation exists to partner with you to provide consulting and training to cultivate leaders and ministries to love and care for LGBTQ+ people and families in your congregation.

How does it work?

Professional Coaching and Care

Life Coaching is a growing and developing profession that places you as an authority.  By having powerful conversations designed to uncover the root of the problem and finding ways forward, you will determine how best to love your family. 

The initial session will last 1 to 2 hours, depending on your needs.  In this session, we’ll determine if professional therapy is needed. If not, we will work together to move forward in positively developing a plan that will meet the needs of you and your kids.

From this point, we will schedule regular phone appointments designed to support you in your journey.


Grace Nation believes that the power of prayer is above all the single greatest ministry we can deliver to you. Our prayer team prays weekly for individuals and families.   If you would like prayer, contact me and my team would delighted to prayer for you or your loved one.

Ready to Talk? Click on the button below to get in touch with me or to schedule an appointment.


Grace Nation is a ministry of Dr. Jonathan G. Smith, an ordained minister in the Anglican Church of North America. We do not offer licensed counseling services as described in Florida Statutes 490 and 491. For a description of my beliefs and teaching concerning human sexuality please read our “TRANSPARENCY STATEMENT.”