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For LGBTQ+ People

Where I AM Coming From

I want to listen to your story. When we take time to listen to each other’s story, we discover shared experiences as well as unique points of view. That is what Jesus did. He walked with His disciples sharing with them the love of God and asking questions to have conversations. We want to be like Jesus, modeling how he cared for human beings.

I believe each person is unique. All of us experience, perceive and relate to the world differently. Identity helps to tell our story and shapes how we relate to others. Each of us has a story that is shaped by how we live and where we have come from. It explains who we are and shapes where we are going. 

I see sexual identity and gender orientation as human issues. Whether you are cisgender or transgender, gay or straight, heterosexual or LGBTQ+,  I see people that God loves. Jesus never discriminated against a person’s background, tribe, class or gender. Instead, He challenged social boundaries, teaching “God loved the world.” We are all human beings on the journey called life, and I embrace this truth. 

I believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ is for everyone. Jesus taught that He came that we may have a life. Not just any life but an abundant life. To gain this life, Jesus calls us to realign our heart, identity, and body to Him. And when we do this, He liberates us (or frees us) to love Him. This gospel (good news) is available to anyone who believes. God’s redemptive plan is at work even in our identity, ultimately shaping how we understand Him.

I ask for your forgiveness. I recognize our limitations and failures as Christians to listen to your story, to care for you while hurting, and fail to join you in your journey. And by doing so, we had disobeyed Jesus (or sinned) when he taught us,  “to love our neighbors as ourselves.” 

I ask for your patience. Realigning our identity, gender, and sexuality is more difficult than anyone imagined. I value safety where you can explore how your identity, gender, and faith intersect in life all through the lens of God’s teaching, the Bible. I don’t always get it right, but I do care for you.

I ask for your permission. I am asking you for the opportunity to walk with you on your journey. I am seeking to create a space in the church characterized by compassion, justice, and love. I also believe that God’s humility on the cross is our best example in working together. And together, we can grow into the body of Christ.

Where You May Be Coming From

You may have doubts about me. I don’t blame you. The relationship between the church and LGBTQ+ people hasn’t always been perfect. Some (not all) Christians have been cruel rather than showing compassion, have been dismissive rather than seeking justice, and have sent messages of hate rather than love. At Grace Nation, I desire to reverse this trend and bring compassion, justice, and love back to the conversation. By doing so, bring the love of Jesus Christ into this world.

You may wonder if you can trust me. That is completely fair.  I want to be transparent about what we believe to be true. This is what I believe the Bible teaches about human sexuality. God gives human beings two choices: sex in marriage or celibacy. We also believe that God limits sex in marriage to a man and woman. This position is known as “Side B” Christians.  I recognize this position is limiting to LGBT+ people.   I also realize that human sexual identity and gender orientation isn’t just about sex. But is fundamentally an experience unique to LGBTQ+ people. While I can not identify with your experiences, I’m willing to listen to learn more.

You are seeking to find answers to questions. How do I integrate my identity, sexuality, and faith? I believe the Holy Spirit provides answers to these and many more questions. Questions like – Is God’s love meant for me? Did God make me this way? These are questions we all ask. These answers are found by learning who God is, what He’s done, and discovering His purpose for our lives. My desire is to walk with you through your journey.

You are searching for a “safe” place to discover God’s love. LGBTQ+ people very often experience great pain through silence, rejection, ridicule and sometimes abuse and trauma. I know that the church has contributed to some of this and I am sorry. I believe the church can be a safe place if you are willing to trust again.

MY VISION IS To LOVE LGBTQ+ People and Families

To accomplish this vision, I join with Lead Them Home Ministries and make this promise.

I will never…

  • come into your community without an invitation,
  • discuss theology unless you seek such a discussion or regularly attend church
  • align ministry events against your events,
  • engage in political activities aligned against you.
  • I will honor you as a Christian, our brother or sister in Christ.

I will never practice reparative or conversion therapy. My first objective in spiritual care is to offer safety, acceptance, protection and a place for people to share their story and grow in their faith without judgment. My second objective is to point you to the source of faith identity, a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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