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Speak Human – Sharing the Gospel With Your Friends | FITC58

The number one problem when sharing our faith in Jesus with friends is the words we use. Most well intended presentations of the Gospel are laden in “churchy” words no one understands. The net effect of it all, we sound weird. In fact, we probably feel weird when we say it. That’s why it is vital for Christians to learn how to speak “human.”

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How To Pray For The Salvation of Your Friends | FITC57

Have you ever thought of God’s reputation being “on the line?” I never have. But surprisingly the Bible actually talks a great deal about this. When Moses pleaded with God not to wipe out Israel after they had totally blown it by worshipping a false god, Moses appealed to God’s reputation (Genesis 32:12).

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Renewing Your Mind: The Power of Thought | FITC 55

Most challenges we face each day occur in our minds. Life certainly presents its fair share of developments requiring us to think about “what to do.” But if our mind is a mess, then how we react will be affected to the degree of our mental health. That’s why Paul’s statement in Romans 12 is so important.

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