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Dr. Jonathan G. Smith 

Host of Grace On Fire

Also known as “The Rev’d Dr. Smitty,”  his passion is to see people transformed through the Gospel, the liberating power of Jesus Christ. He is the senior minister of Redeemer Anglican Church of Orlando Fl and owner of Higher Purpose Coaching.

He is married to the love of his life, Ivey and has three kids.
You can read his full bio here.

About The Show

Grace on Fire is a gospel-inspired podcast empowering Christian men and women to apply God’s grace to life’s most challenging problems. The mission? To raise up ambassadors of grace to love LGBTQ People and Families in the church.


Grace On Fire is a podcast dedicated to forging a third way in bringing the Gospel to the Gay Community. Hosted by Dr. Jonathan G. Smith, a.k.a “the Rev’d Dr. Smitty,” his passion is applying God’s grace to life’s most challenging problems. Driven by this passion and a desire to see Reformed Evangelicals lead the way as ambassadors of grace to Gay Christians, Grace On Fire is a podcast to guide the next generation to love LGBTQ+ people and families in the church.

What Fans Say About It

This is a fantastic podcast. The Rev. Dr. Smitty is the perfect combo of pastor, teacher and comedian. Hitting me right where I am week after week. Matt Wright

Financial Planner

I love the conversational and light hearted style of Smitty – he’s both a Reverend and a Doctor but he goes by Smitty – that’s humble character and makes him down to earth. Yet, this engaging podcast is mixed with SOLID theology, broken down into useable context. Tec Clark

College Instructor, Podcaster

Grace On Fire has a great blend of serious theological know-how, practical theological application, and fun, humorous discussion.

Trevor Smith

School Teacher

How To Listen

There are several recommended ways to enjoy “Grace On Fire.” You can listen to it on your favorite mobile device through the link below. You can also listen each week to Grace On Fire right here on!

Recent Episodes

Crafting Side B Allies In the Church | GOF92

What is the mission of Grace Nation? To craft Side B Allies in the Church who will love LGBTQ+ people and families. So to keep you up to speed on this progress, I’m laying out some updates for the ministry of Grace Nation. There are four things we’re dong: 1) Building a Prayer Team, 2) Training Pastors, 3) Developing Seminars, and 4) Providing Life Coaching to Gay Christians.

Sanctification and the Gay Christian – Reformed Orthodoxy | GOF91

There is more than one path in our journey in sanctification. Today, however, most evangelicals insist that the process of sanctification for the gay Christian leads to heterosexuality with orientation change as the inevitable conclusion. Forty years ago, a different evangelical vision was held by some of the most prominent theological thinkers. What was there vision?


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