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Author: Jonathan G. Smith

Imposter Syndrome: Feeling Like A Fraud As A Pastor | GOF66

Imposter Syndrome is no fun. The crippling effect of feeling like a fraud can keep any leader from being effective. That’s especially true for pastors. When I finally realized that the internal battles of insecurity, low self-worth, and unnecessarily high expectations were sabotaging my ministry. So on this episode, I’m sharing how I overcame that feeling by sitting down with my mentor and friend. Also on tap, I’m laying out my manifesto of faith as a Gospel-Centered Anglican in North America.

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The Best Thing Hurricane Irma Did For My Church and Ministry | GOF65

Hurricane Irma opened up a huge ministry door for my church. And I walked through it. Natural disasters and devastating storms do something to communities like nothing else in the world. They unite people together who ordinarily struggle to find common ground. This principle played itself in my church and opened incredible discussions. So on this episode, I share a positive outcome of the storm. Plus, I continue to discuss the role of transformation in everyday life. And as a special bonus, I’m sharing my BBQ secrets!

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How To Learn From The School of Life: Journaling Part 2 | GOF64

How do you get objective, unbiased information about yourself? You can’t. Not even your spouse can provide you that kind of feedback. But there is a problem.  Without this sort of information, how can you make progress in life?  Success in life begins by recognizing the patterns, behaviors, and challenges that continue to keep you from moving forward in life.  I argue that to learn from the school of life, you need a system to follow.  In this episode, I share with you seven ways you can leverage a journal to move forward.

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