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Author: Jonathan G. Smith

LGBT and Christian – Why The Gospel Matters More Than Ever | GOF83

When it comes to Gay and Christian debates, we need to return to the Gospel. Parents, teenagers, and young people are looking for hope and help from churches. But sadly, there is still much confusion and disagreement over where to start. We need to remember that the Gospel applies equally to all human beings. If the Gospel is true for Evangelicals, then it must be true for LGBT+ persons.

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Gender Dysphoria, Evangelicals and the Way of Grace | GOF82

Gender Dysphoria and Transgender People. Evangelicals have not done well in ministering to transgender persons and families. Stories of heartbreak, isolation, and fear regularly accompany testimonies of individuals with gender dysphoria. The institution best suited to help has often contributed to the problem. Christians can do a better job.

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What is Christian Life Coaching | GOF81

What is Christian Life Coaching? The systematic process of discovering where you are and where you want to be. In short, three words define Life Coaching. Potential. Passion. Purpose. A Life Coach is someone who helps you move from where you are to where you believe God wants you to be. Sound to good to be true? Then find out why I’m so passionate about life coaching and the power it has to move you forward in life. Also in this episode, I’m talking about how as a pastor I’ve changed my approach to the Monday Morning Blues.

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Drowsiness and Anxiety – Losing Sleep At Night? | GOF80

Can’t sleep?  Find yourself overly tired? Middle of the night anxiety is something I’ve struggled with often.  Whenever I feel the weight of my problems pressing down on my shoulders, I find myself struggling to sleep. Unfortunately, this pattern if left unchecked, can down the road lead to significant health problems.  So how do you solve midnight insomnia?  The answer is not as complicated as it might seem.  Also on the show, I discuss a troubling trend among Evangelicals that is leaving believers paralyzed in their faith.

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