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Author: Jonathan G. Smith

Tullian Tchividjian On Finding Grace After Your Life Has Been Destroyed | GOF77

Should we Evangelicals forgive Tullian Tchividjian? If you have any real understanding of how grace works, then the answer, of course, is “yes.” But when public figures break our trust by acting in ways contrary to their public persona, it is tough to find that requisite forgiveness we all are supposed to grant. I understand. So did Absalom — King David’s son who could never forgive his father’s disgraces. But Jesus calls us to do just that, to forgive those who hurt us. In a candid interview, Tullian opens up his heart revealing his ongoing struggles with guilt and shame tied to the impact it had on his children. He shares his desperate need for God’s grace and how the Father’s “One Way Love” is now more important to him than ever before.

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Four Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back with Cliff Ravenscraft | GOF76

Do you love money? Sure, who doesn’t like having a little extra cash in their pocket! Unfortunately, man Christians struggle with faulty thinking that keeps them from pursuing creative lives in business and commerce. So how do you craft a healthy relationship with money without compromising your faith? To help me answer this question, I invited Cliff Ravenscraft to rethink money, wealth, and the pursuit of God’s call.

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How To Find Your Life Purpose | GOF75

How do you find your life purpose? Every generation asks the same questions. Why am I here? What am I doing? Where am I going? But not every person discovers the answer for themselves. That’s because we live in a world of competing views, unrealistic expectations, and broken dreams. But Life Purpose doesn’t have to be difficult to discover. You just need a place to start. So where do you begin?

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How Positive Emotions Can Actually Work Against You | GOF74

Warning! Positive emotions can be harmful to your judgment. Thoughtful people be advised. Do you think that is true? If you saw a disclaimer like this, would you automatically reject this warning or would you seek to learn more? Positive emotions, feeling good almost seems like a civil right these days. But there is more to life than just feeling good all the time. So is there a dark side to positive emotions? There is, particularly when those “feelings” can lead to poor decisions.

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How Being Ridiculously Honest With Yourself Leads to A Better Life | GOF73

Are you being honest with yourself? This question goes to the heart of most our problems in life. We are not honest because we’re afraid of the consequences of our honesty. So we lie. Not a lot but a little. We self-rationalize, compromise, and trade off the things we want most in life for safety, security, and predictability. Unfortunately, when we do this? A little piece of our heart grows cold. The only solution is to do something no one else can do for you. Be ridiculously honest. Two forms of honesty are needed — positive and negative. So ask yourself this question, “Are you being completely honest with yourself?”

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