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Author: Jonathan G. Smith

Gender Dysphoria, Evangelicals and the Way of Grace | GOF82

Gender Dysphoria and Transgender People. Evangelicals have not done well in ministering to transgender persons and families. Stories of heartbreak, isolation, and fear regularly accompany testimonies of individuals with gender dysphoria. The institution best suited to help has often contributed to the problem. We Evangelicals can do a better job. We have the Gospel of Grace. But we haven’t learned how to apply it very well. To answer this challenge, I invited Bill Henson from Lead Them Home Ministries back on the show to discuss practical approaches pastors, church leaders, and families can take to love Transgender people and families.

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What is Christian Life Coaching | GOF81

What is Christian Life Coaching? The systematic process of discovering where you are and where you want to be. In short, three words define Life Coaching. Potential. Passion. Purpose. A Life Coach is someone who helps you move from where you are to where you believe God wants you to be. Sound to good to be true? Then find out why I’m so passionate about life coaching and the power it has to move you forward in life. Also in this episode, I’m talking about how as a pastor I’ve changed my approach to the Monday Morning Blues.

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Drowsiness and Anxiety – Losing Sleep At Night? | GOF80

Can’t sleep?  Find yourself overly tired? Middle of the night anxiety is something I’ve struggled with often.  Whenever I feel the weight of my problems pressing down on my shoulders, I find myself struggling to sleep. Unfortunately, this pattern if left unchecked, can down the road lead to significant health problems.  So how do you solve midnight insomnia?  The answer is not as complicated as it might seem.  Also on the show, I discuss a troubling trend among Evangelicals that is leaving believers paralyzed in their faith.

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Parkland School Shooting – How To Navigate Planet Death | GOF79

The Parkland School Shooting is another vivid reminder of the sickness that pervades our society. When children murder other children, we need as a nation to slow down and ask “what’s happening”? What’s going on? What are the conditions in our families, cities, and society that are leading to this kind of outcome? We then need to listen.

Questions and statements like these ultimately lead to different solutions. For the Christian, however, we need to withdraw from the debates just long enough to remember one thing. We live on planet death. So how do we navigate this planet? On today’s show, I offer my candid response to the Parkland School shooting, challenging Grace Nation to think deeply about the issues at stake.

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Anxiety – The Struggle To Embrace God’s Peace | GOF78

Anxiety sucks! I know because I’ve been there. So what are we to make of the claims in the bible about the peace of God? For many people, anxiety and depression seem to be a standard part of life. So how can we embrace God’s promise of divine peace? Well in today’s episode, I’m asking this question to help us move past the shallow responses to discover more profound truths implanted in God’s design of humanity. It turns out that modern science has a lot to say about overcoming anxiety, where merely reinforces what scripture has said all along.

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