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Author: Jonathan G. Smith

Wycliffe Bible Translators – Crafting Your Life Purpose at Age 66 | GOF85

Would you consider making a career change at age 66? What if your career change required you to raise your salary? That’s exactly what Dawn Loomis is endeavoring to accomplish. She and I sat down and talked about how Wycliffe Bible Translators has inspired her to do something BIG, raise support to become a full-time missionary…at Age 66. If you want to be inspired, then take a few moments to listen to this interview.

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LGBT and Christian – Why The Gospel Matters More Than Ever | GOF83

When it comes to Gay and Christian debates, we need to return to the Gospel. Parents, teenagers, and young people are looking for hope and help from churches. But sadly, there is still much confusion and disagreement over where to start. We need to remember that the Gospel applies equally to all human beings. If the Gospel is true for Evangelicals, then it must be true for LGBT+ persons.

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