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Author: Jonathan G. Smith

Crafting Side B Allies In the Church | GOF92

What is the mission of Grace Nation? To craft Side B Allies in the Church who will love LGBTQ+ people and families. So to keep you up to speed on this progress, I’m laying out some updates for the ministry of Grace Nation. There are four things we’re dong: 1) Building a Prayer Team, 2) Training Pastors, 3) Developing Seminars, and 4) Providing Life Coaching to Gay Christians.

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Sanctification and the Gay Christian – Reformed Orthodoxy | GOF91

There is more than one path in our journey in sanctification. Today, however, most evangelicals insist that the process of sanctification for the gay Christian leads to heterosexuality with orientation change as the inevitable conclusion. Forty years ago, a different evangelical vision was held by some of the most prominent theological thinkers. What was there vision?

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A Queer Christian and the Gospel with Bridget Eileen | GOF88

What is a queer Christian? For Evangelicals, the word “queer” can seem dangerous. But it doesn’t have to be. To help me understand how this word is used today, I interviewed Bridget Eileen, a Lesbian Christian. She blogs regularly at the Meditations of a Traveling Nun. Bridge describes her faith journey and helpfully reframes our understanding of the phrase queer Christian.

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