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Grace On Fire

craft your life for a higher purpose

About The Show

Grace on Fire is a gospel-inspired podcast empowering Christian men and women to apply God’s grace to life’s most challenging problems. The goal? To live an extraordinary life for a higher purpose.

Crafting a Higher Purpose

Let’s face it, for many, the life of faith has become nothing more than a routine. At times, the Christian faith can seem boring and out of touch with today’s problems. For others, faith is something that they may try to hide from their friends and co-workers. So how do we live out our Christian faith in today’s crazy world? Have you ever faced challenging circumstances and wondered how your faith can help?

Grace On Fire is a podcast empowering Christian men and women to apply God’s extraordinary grace to life’s most challenging problems. If your goal is to design and live a life with a higher purpose, this is the podcast for you.

Your Host

Jonathan G. Smith (D.Min)

Virtual Pastor, Host of Grace On Fire

Jonathan is a podcast enthusiast who has been creating digital content for seven years.  His passion is to see people making the most out of life. He is the senior minister of Redeemer Anglican Church of Orlando Fl.

When he is not busy being a husband and dad, you find him at the gym, running in his neighborhood, or making seriously killer BBQ on his smoker.

He is married to the love of his life, Ivey and has three kids.
You can read his full bio here.

brian russell (Ph.D.)

Your Professor For Life, Guest Host

Brian serves as Dean of the School of Urban Ministries and Professor of Biblical Studies on the Florida–Dunnam campus of Asbury Theological Seminary. He is passionate about the study of Scripture for personal transformation and for the advancement of God’s mission in the world.

 Brian is the author of Psalms: Part One (Seedbed, 2016),  (re)Aligning with God: Reading Scripture for Church and World (Cascade Books, 2015), and Invitation (Seedbed: 2015).

Brian loves his wife Astrid Robles. Together they have six children and two grandchildren.

Brian enjoys fitness, healthy eating, personal development, and soccer.

What Fans Say About It

This is a fantastic podcast. The Rev. Dr. Smitty is the perfect combo of pastor, teacher and comedian. Hitting me right where I am week after week.

Matt Wright

Financial Planner

I love the conversational and light hearted style of Smitty – he’s both a Reverend and a Doctor but he goes by Smitty – that’s humble character and makes him down to earth. Yet, this engaging podcast is mixed with SOLID theology, broken down into useable context.

Tec Clark

College Instructor, Podcaster

Grace On Fire has a great blend of serious theological know-how, practical theological application, and fun, humorous discussion.

Trevor Smith

School Teacher

How To Listen

There are several recommended ways to enjoy “Grace On Fire.” You can listen to it on your favorite mobile device through the link below. You can also listen each week to Grace On Fire right here on!

Recent Episodes

What is Christian Life Coaching | GOF81

What is Christian Life Coaching? The systematic process of discovering where you are and where you want to be. In short, three words define Life Coaching. Potential. Passion. Purpose. A Life Coach is someone who helps you move from where you are to where you believe God wants you to be. Sound to good to be true? Then find out why I’m so passionate about life coaching and the power it has to move you forward in life. Also in this episode, I’m talking about how as a pastor I’ve changed my approach to the Monday Morning Blues.

Drowsiness and Anxiety – Losing Sleep At Night? | GOF80

Can’t sleep?  Find yourself overly tired? Middle of the night anxiety is something I’ve struggled with often.  Whenever I feel the weight of my problems pressing down on my shoulders, I find myself struggling to sleep. Unfortunately, this pattern if left unchecked, can down the road lead to significant health problems.  So how do you solve midnight insomnia?  The answer is not as complicated as it might seem.  Also on the show, I discuss a troubling trend among Evangelicals that is leaving believers paralyzed in their faith.

Parkland School Shooting – How To Navigate Planet Death | GOF79

The Parkland School Shooting is another vivid reminder of the sickness that pervades our society. When children murder other children, we need as a nation to slow down and ask “what’s happening”? What’s going on? What are the conditions in our families, cities, and society that are leading to this kind of outcome? We then need to listen.

Questions and statements like these ultimately lead to different solutions. For the Christian, however, we need to withdraw from the debates just long enough to remember one thing. We live on planet death. So how do we navigate this planet? On today’s show, I offer my candid response to the Parkland School shooting, challenging Grace Nation to think deeply about the issues at stake.


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