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Anxiety – The Struggle To Embrace God’s Peace | GOF78

Anxiety sucks! I know because I’ve been there. So what are we to make of the claims in the bible about the peace of God? For many people, anxiety and depression seem to be a standard part of life. So how can we embrace God’s promise of divine peace? Well in today’s episode, I’m asking this question to help us move past the shallow responses to discover more profound truths implanted in God’s design of humanity. It turns out that modern science has a lot to say about overcoming anxiety, where merely reinforces what scripture has said all along.

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Tullian Tchividjian On Finding Grace After Your Life Has Been Destroyed | GOF77

Should we Evangelicals forgive Tullian Tchividjian? If you have any real understanding of how grace works, then the answer, of course, is “yes.” But when public figures break our trust by acting in ways contrary to their public persona, it is tough to find that requisite forgiveness we all are supposed to grant. I understand. So did Absalom — King David’s son who could never forgive his father’s disgraces. But Jesus calls us to do just that, to forgive those who hurt us. In a candid interview, Tullian opens up his heart revealing his ongoing struggles with guilt and shame tied to the impact it had on his children. He shares his desperate need for God’s grace and how the Father’s “One Way Love” is now more important to him than ever before.

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