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How Being Ridiculously Honest With Yourself Leads to A Better Life | GOF73

Are you being honest with yourself? This question goes to the heart of most our problems in life. We are not honest because we’re afraid of the consequences of our honesty. So we lie. Not a lot but a little. We self-rationalize, compromise, and trade off the things we want most in life for safety, security, and predictability. Unfortunately, when we do this? A little piece of our heart grows cold. The only solution is to do something no one else can do for you. Be ridiculously honest. Two forms of honesty are needed — positive and negative. So ask yourself this question, “Are you being completely honest with yourself?”

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Why Gratitude Is A Game-Changer For Your Mental Health | GOF72

What if gratitude could improve your mental health? Seems too simple? Could merely learning to say thank you change your life? Probably not. But recent psychological research has revealed that it may have a more positive benefit to your well being than you might think.

This question and other first emerged thirty years ago in the field of Positive Psychology. Up to that point, research had focused on the familiar issues of mental illness: depression, anxiety, fear, etc. But what about positive mental health? Researchers sought to answer this question and came to some exciting conclusions. So what were the results? Apparently being kind to your neighbor has more benefit than mere social implications. It can actually improve your life. So how do you practice and develop a life of gratitude?

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